About Solgohachia

A mountaintop to Experience and Encounter God

Solgohachia is an extra-ordinary, year-round Christian camp and retreat experience for individuals, families, and groups

A Mountaintop To Experience And Encounter God

Solgohachia Is An Extra-Ordinary, Year-Yound Christian Camp and Retreat Experience For Individuals, Families, and Groups

About Us

Located on a beautiful 325 acre mountain top, Solgohachia provides a unique environment and culture that creates space for people to connect with Jesus. We partner with families, churches, and organizations, offering uninterrupted experiences through our tailored camps, conferences, retreats, and discipleship programs.

We began in 1975 thanks to the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Carl Wenger as Ozark Conferences, an interdenominational non-profit corporation focused on sponsoring and organizing Bible conferences, workshops, and retreats. They dedicated our current facility, Ozark Conference Center, in 1993 as a multi-functional mountaintop campus to be used to serve and minister to all ages.

Our Values

Meet the Team

Solgohachia is led by a team of experienced leaders, a board of directors, and camp counselors. Our team seeks to ensure that everyone who comes to the mountain is safe, able to grow spiritually, and able to have a blast. Whether you're coming up for your first week of camp or looking to get away for a weekend retreat with your church - our team's goal is to come along side and serve you.

Our camp counselors and their devotion to Jesus is what makes Camp Solgohcahia an extra-ordinary place. They personally seek to know and love every camper that comes into their care. Many campers tell us that their favorite thing about Solgohachia is getting to spend time with the counselors. Being around others who embody Kingdom values helps children feel free to be themselves and enables them to step into what God has for them. Relationships formed at camp can have impact for a lifetime.

Meet the Solgohachia Team

Where We're Headed

Solgohachia has been experiencing rapid growth in the past couple of years. With each summer comes more campers ready to have fun and encounter God and we want to make sure there's a place for any and all who want to come and encounter Jesus.

We also have a heart to expand our ministry and events schedule so that we can still be present in our campers' and families' lives throughout the year - not just during the summer months.

Making these things a reality means we need your partnership to help bring to fruition the plans we feel God has for us as the Solgohachia family. Partnership with Solgohachia can take many forms: prayer, labor, financial, and expertise - and we need all of it! We know it will take a family effort to expand our capacity to bring Jesus to more people and so we invite you to partner with us in whatever ways you feel led.

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