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Goal: $191,000

$80,970 raised!

A Letter From Solgohachia

Published 10/23/2020

Dear Friend and Supporter,

In years past, especially during times of great need, the Ozark Conference Center and Camp Solgohachia community has rallied to help us reach and minister to people of all ages so they can experience and encounter God on this beautiful mountaintop.

And yet, in our 27-year history on this mountain, we have never faced a crisis of this magnitude and scale. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lord asked us to cancel our summer camp program and groups who have been holding their events here for many years have had to cancel their events in the fallor move them to the spring of 2021 because of the current social distancing measures and requirements.

While we are and have been innovating, developing new ways to do ministry, putting together new strategies, and simply looking for ways to continue to serve and minister to people in order to bring hope in these uncertain times, we unfortunately still find ourselves in a financial crisis – with funds remaining to last us through November. We know the situation we’re in was not a surprise to the Lord and know He still wants to encounter His people on our mountaintop, but we also know that He loves to use His people to accomplish His work.

So we need your help!

We are asking you to help us raise the funds needed for approximately seven months of our basic operating expenses to sustain us through until the summer months. We plan and expect to continue to minister and host events for groups as we are able to, as things open up in the coming months, and your support will give us the time and space needed to complete necessary repairs on our most-utilized facilities, as well as plan and prepare for a new season of ministry onthe mountain. Any revenue we can make during this time will be used for capital repairs & improvements or saved for use in preparing for Camp Solgohachia 2021.

We are needing to raise $191,000 to accomplish this task of survival and have already been given over $42,000 of it! We fully realize the enormity of this ask, but the size of the request matches the size of our need and we have done our due diligence to cut expenses down to be as “lean” as the Lord would have us be.

Would you pray about how the Lord would have you help us? However He leads you to help us is what would be the most impactful for us to receive.

Give Towards Relief

If you'd like to give a designated gift, below are some specific needs that we have that you can help fill! You can give directly towards supporting the people working on the mountain, towards specific projects we're undertaking, or towards specific program needs!

Give Towards Projects

Mountain Crest Kitchen

Years of unseen water damage has rotted away a key joist underneath the floor of Mountain Crest's industrial kitchen and must be replaced. We also intend to expand the floor space of the kitchen to better accommodate and serve people.
Progress: $800 / $30,000


Sunset Point Repair

Sunset Point, our main hub of activity, is undergoing repair and renovation. We are redoing the inside as well, making significant structural repairs to the exterior front wall, and also taking the opportunity to remodel the bathrooms.
Progress: $10,500 / $15,000

* gifts given that exceed a need's target amount will be re-allocated towards the next most urgent need.