Family Initiative

We as a ministry rely on the broader Solgohachia family to help fulfill our mission to disciple youth and families through experiencing and encountering Jesus. Partnership can take many different forms, whether it be through consistent prayer, the volunteering of your time and skills, or through financial giving. For those willing and able, we've listed below some specific needs we have as a ministry. Pledging a monthly gift is also a fantastic way to make a large impact over time. Again, we’re so thankful for the Solgohachia family. Your investment is furthering the Kingdom and enabling us to help fulfill the call that God has placed on Solgohachia.

Join THE Solgohachia Family Initiative

Give Towards People

The Brymer Family

The Brymer Family lives on our mountaintop in Solgohachia and serve as its caretakers. Michael works to keep the campus functional and beautiful, Karen makes sure every guest is welcomed and provided for, and both help guide the direction of our ministry on our leadership team.


The Bridgeman Family

The Bridgeman Family lives in Little Rock and both have worked as camp counselors for many years in our Camp Solgohachia program. Alexis serves at home and with their local church and Joseph oversees our ministry's administration and serves on our leadership team.


Give Towards Projects

Mountain Crest Kitchen Repair

Years of unseen water damage has rotted away a key joist underneath the floor of Mountain Crest's industrial kitchen and must be replaced. We also intend to expand the floor space of the kitchen to better accommodate and serve people.
Progress: $800 / $30,000


Sunset Point Repair

Sunset Point, our main hub of activity, is undergoing repair and renovation. We are redoing the inside as well as making significant structural repairs to the exterior front wall.
Progress: $10,500 / $15,000


Give Towards Programs

Solgohachia At Home Sponsorship

As you know, many families are experiencing hardships during this time. This fund helps further our ministry by getting Solgohachia At Home packages into the hands of children so that they can experience the love of Jesus through this wonderful new program. $200 sponsors a package!

* gifts given that exceed a need's target amount will be re-allocated towards the next most urgent need.