Summer 2021 Camp Registration Now Open

It's time!

We are so excited to let everyone know that registration for Camp Solgohachia 2021 is now open! While camp will be different in some ways this year due to the lingering effects of COVID, we look forward to spending the summer loving and serving your children in every possible fun, joyful, safe, and engaging way. We count it a great privilege and honor to be a part of your children's lives, helping them to know, grasp, and understand that they are seen, known, and loved by Jesus.

So what can you expect this summer's Camp Solgohachia to look like? At the core, the camp experience will be the same - some crazy fun will be had, friendships will be forged with some amazing counselors, and every camper will get the chance to experience Jesus and what life in His kingdom can be like. Our mission to help kids experience and encounter Jesus has been present from the start and isn't changing!  We also know that in order for this to happen, safety has to be a top priority; and in times like these, that extends past the usual triple-checking of the zip-line harness or making sure the life preserver is strapped securely. While we cancelled Camp Solgohachia in 2020 due to COVID safety concerns, we've been preparing and planning how to have a safe camp experience in 2021. Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • A camp experience re-designed around tribes - "tribes" at Camp Solgohachia are what we call the group of counselors and campers that lodge together. This summer, tribes will do everything together - from devotionals to activities. This "pod" strategy helps limit an individual camper's exposure to just the individuals in their tribe rather than everybody on-site that week. That's not to say you'll be completely isolated from anyone else - you won't - you'll just only be in close proximity with your own tribe. Tribes will rotate through and participate in all the age-appropriate activities we have to offer throughout the week rather than sign up for activities as an individual.

  • Enhanced ventilation and disinfection - we've been taking notes on how schools have worked to protect students from COVID-19 and we're putting into practice the best of what they've learned with the benefit of their experience. We'll have updated our facilities to allow for enhanced ventilation in all our lodging rooms, have electrostatic disinfecting equipment in use, and be stocked with plenty of cleaning supplies and dispersal equipment to keep everybody safe.

  • Face coverings and physical distancing - the tried and true methods of hampering COVID-19 transmission have been face coverings and physical distancing. In addition to screening all campers before coming on-site, all our campers and staff will be wearing face coverings where appropriate and be physically spaced out to keep people safe. We'll have staff frequently monitoring the camp population for COVID-19 symptoms and will have space to isolate suspected cases while waiting for pick up.

  • Consolidated weeks of Day Camp - we love Day Camp and it's a fantastic way for campers to get their "feet wet" in the world of summer camp without having to commit to a full week of overnight stays. Due to the need to keep our tribes separate from other tribes to minimize exposure, day campers themselves will be placed into their own "day camp" tribe throughout the week for the same reason. At first, we'll only be offering Day Camp sessions June 22-25 and July 13-16 to help guarantee there are enough day campers to make a healthy-sized tribe. We'll consider adding additional sessions as the first two fill up.

We plan to be completely transparent about what we'll be doing to help keep campers safe from COVID-19 and will be happy to talk with anyone one-on-one about their concerns - so if you have a question, reach out! We work with the Arkansas Department of Health to ensure best practices are being followed and as recommendations change closer to the summer, we'll keep everybody posted.

Some additional details about this summer:

  • Overnight Camp Solgohachia will cost $495 per camper and sessions run Monday afternoon through Saturday morning, beginning June 7th and the last occuring on July 19th. A refundable deposit of $100 will be due at registration to reserve your spot.
  • Day Camp Solgohachia will cost $180 per camper and sessions run Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon, June 22-25 and July 13-16. A refundable deposit of $50 will be due at registration to reserve your spot.
  • (NEW) A new High School Camp is being offered this summer Monday through Saturday, July 5-10 at $325 per camper! A refundable deposit of $50 will be due at registration to reserve your spot.
  • If you have a deposit from summer camp 2020 on file with us, we've got some space in each session that is reserved for you - we will reach out to you separately to schedule!
  • All deposits will be refundable for cancellations communicated up until the first day of camp, for any reason. If a camper should fail a COVID-19 screening during a camp session or become ill, you will receive a refund pro-rated for however much of the event is missed.

Despite some of the ways camp may feel different this summer, we truly believe there is a great experience to be had this summer. COVID-19 may change some of the "how" of Camp Solgohachia but it doesn't change the "what" - it's a place where campers can experience Jesus, have a lot of fun, and be spurred on in their faith by some awesome counselors. We hope to see your camper this summer! Click the button below to start a registration.

And if you yourself or someone you know might be interested in working as a camp counselor this summer, our Junior and Senior Counselor applications are open! Fill out an application here by March 31st to be considered!

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