Summer Counselor Applications Now Open

While Camp Solgohachia summer 2021 might seem far away, we're hard at work planning and preparing for the summer of a lifetime! The key to the best summer of a camper's life is the camp counselor and we're looking for our next counselors for summer 2021. What makes camp counselors the "secret sauce" of Camp Solgohachia? Our counselors focus on engaging with each and every camper individually rather than just staffing a fun activity or making sure they follow the rules. It is this relationship, the friendship between camper and counselor, that we've seen our campers love most about camp.

Being a counselor means being the hands and feet of Jesus to kids in some of the most literal ways possible. For as long as a camper is at camp, you are the one responsible for making sure they eat enough, that they brush their teeth before bed, and that they are safe during activities. You are a natural role model for them - they will look to you to see how you treat others and how you pursue Jesus.​

What Positions Are Available?

We're hiring to fill a number of senior counselor positions this summer:

  • Camp Content Creator - in charge of taking photos and videos throughout the day of activities, mealtimes, eventing activities, etc. Produces a short video at the end of each camp session showcasing the week
  • Camp Administrator - manages the logistics of executing camp; working with registrations, assigning rooms, solving problems at move-in, physically creating name tags, and otherwise making sure camp is administratively equipped each week
  • Senior Counselor - the ones leading the way in engaging with and making campers feel welcome, loved, and included. Each leads a "tribe" throughout the week and is responsibility for its cleanliness, fun environment, and being on schedule. Is trained in running and managing the activities campers participate in all day
  • Serve Team Supervisor - lodges with, directs, and serves alongside a team of five younger serve-team counselors (of the same gender) in things like cleaning, setting up and tearing down, etc. Additionally are in charge of encouraging the team members in their walk with Jesus and helping throw various fun events with the team!

And on the Junior Counselor front, we've created a new position especially geared for those who have finished grades 9 & 10 called the "Serve Team":

  • Serve Team - comprised of (completed) grades 9-10 counselors who volunteer for the week to do a combination of work, fun, and spiritual development. This weekly team of ten, comprised of 5 girls and 5 guys, will work alongside their team supervisor to help set up and take down events during camp, help mealtimes go smoothly, and help maintain the grounds in addition to being poured into spiritually and taking time out of the day to still have fun!
  • Junior Counselor - required to have completed grades 11-12, junior counselors work under the leadership and supervision of a senior counselor at all times and are a vital part of our "tribes" and activities. They lodge with the tribe, help campers feel welcome and included, spiritually pour into them, and help run the activities that happen throughout the day.

Veterans of Camp Solgohachia might wonder "why the change in positions available to high school counselors?". We've always loved and depended on the high school counselors who come week-by-week and make camp happen and have always wanted to find more ways to spend time with them! Newly-eligible counselors who have completed grades 9-10 can work on the Serve Team, where we get to do just that! In addition to addressing some of the logistical challenges that come with having camp, we get to get to know you better, follow Jesus together, and have fun!


We're looking for young men and women in high school and beyond who want to serve and be a role model for our campers! It can be some of the most busy, exhilarating, fulfilling, tiring, and fun weeks of your life and we'll equip and train you to have everything you need - all you need to bring to the table is willingness and a relationship with Jesus. If you're interested, we've got an application you can fill out online; the deadline to submit is March 31st - so don't delay! You can click the button below to create an account and get started.

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