Partner with us

We're able to do what we do because of people like you!

As our summer camp and year-round retreat events have experienced rapid growth over the past few years, our facilities and infrastructure have struggled to keep pace.  More kids, adults, and families are making their way to our mountaintop every year and we are quickly outgrowing our current lodging capacities and activities.  

We are currently raising capital funds to renovate and build, as well as add staff to manage this wonderful blessing of growth.  We are in critical need of financial partners to help us. ​

We have several new activities we need to add, we have much needed repairs and updates to current facilities, and we need to add more lodging.  Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to partner with us, whether by donating finances, supplies, equipment, time, or even networking.  

We charge significantly less for camp than it costs us to run because we don't want there to be a financial barrier to someone coming to camp and experiencing the Kingdom of God.  

To make a donation now, click the donate button below.