Solgohachia At Home


Our new Solgohachia At Home program brings the fun and creativity of camp right to your living room! Each package contains five full days of content that you can do at home. This program can be completed during a "week off" or during a normal week for your family. Our five days of content can be broken up and completed at your own pace! Created with 3rd-8th grade children in mind, Solgohachia at Home is a wonderful new program for families everywhere. Some activities may need a little extra parental involvement, in the same way that some activities at camp need some counselor assistance. Our vision is to help keep Jesus central in the home, connect with you in a whole new way, and provide creative content for children to have a blast!

Activities include facilitated time with Jesus, devotions, crafts, worship, wacky games, fun exercises to get your blood pumping, challenges, competitions with the counselors, and a daily quest! Each activity is explained by one of your counselors through video and with over 90 videos spread across a five-day schedule, you might feel like our staff is right in your living room! Read on to learn more about the different packages available.

Solgohachia At Home comes in four different packages. We have placed a golden ticket in one of our boxes, redeemable for a FREE week at Camp Solgohachia!

Digital Package - includes access to all our videos via the Internet, a list of supplies that will need to be gathered from your home or purchased, instructions for the games and activities, and other printables. This package includes enough content to run from
8 AM - 3 PM each day!

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Basic Package - you will also receive a box shipped to your door with all the supplies and printed materials that you will need for games and activities, save for a few normal household items. Included will be a DVD for each day containing all the videos you need, as well as access to them online. This package also includes our "Quest" activity which will provide you with enough content to run from
8 AM - 4 PM each day !
Post-SUMMER SALE - $199 $125!

Deluxe Package - contains the same content as our basic package but with the addition of a live video-chat session with a counselor! With parental permission and scheduling, one of our counselors will call and set up a video-chat session where they will get to know your child, play some fun games not included in the box, and encourage your child in the Lord!
SUMMER SALE - $299 $225!

Partner Package - contains the same content as our deluxe package but is designed to give families an avenue to help support our mission of discipling youth and families. If you choose the Partner Package, we want to extend a deep and heart-felt thank you! You are enabling us to continue developing programs just like this one so that youth and families can experience the love of Jesus.
Partners may add sibling boxes at no extra cost.

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